1. Orphanage

    2018 is the year our vision to build an orphanage and community center in one of the poorest colonias in the city becomes a reality. We currently work with 2 orphanages which we have been blessed to be a part of as we have been able to raise the quality of care in both locations, providing much needed resources for each facility and the more than 60 kids that live there. Your generosity has provided everything from clothes, school uniforms, backpacks, school supplies, toys, and even kitchen appliances, washers and dryers, roofing and plumbing additions and repairs. God has put a tremendous burden in our hearts for the orphans of Central Mexico and the dire situations they face living on the streets, in abusive homes, or abandoned because their families cannot care for them. We are excited about the vision of providing the kind of loving, family, environment these kids so desperately need, and providing assistance and vocational training for families who cannot care for their kids. Your donation will help us continue to help our current kids, and also fund our orphanage project as we are in the initial stages of making this dream a reality.
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  2. Ministry Truck

    After 7 years with a mini-van, we have come to a place in our ministry where we have need of a ministry truck. We have spent thousands of dollars over the years replacing just about every part of the suspension on our faithful mini-van many times over. But with our expansion into more communities where the roads are not paved, plus our mountain church, we are in dire need of a 4 wheel drive pickup truck. Our faith is out there! We are believing God for a new truck, not a used truck, but a new truck... one that will last us for the next 10 years or more. When we first moved to Leon, we had a truck donated to the ministry. It was an old truck to begin with. It has been beat up, jerry-rigged, overloaded, and is barely running. It has been a blessing, but with more outreaches coming up in 2018, plus hauling a trailer, and all the equipment we use for outdoor campaigns and outreaches, we really need something new. We fixed our mini-van for the last time and sold it a few weeks ago. We are believing to come back to Mexico after the holidays in a new truck! Remember, your donation to the ministry is tax deductible.
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