“God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply”

Partnering with us in reaching the lost, the broken, the fatherless, and the hurting, is how you can be a part of rescuing and touching so many lives. Supporting this ministry as we train pastors, leaders, and disciple a new generation of Christ followers, is how we will reach the entire nation of Mexico and plant churches and missions all across the globe.

Casa Arbol


Casa Arbol exists to provide orphaned and vulnerable children a loving home environment designed to meet each child’s spiritual, social, physical, and intellectual needs so that they have the best opportunity to overcome their life circumstances and break free from the generational cycles of abuse, poverty, neglect, and violence.

Rhema Bible College

Sponsor a Student

We believe in teaching, training, and preparing people to do what God has gifted and called them to do. Rhema is a theological, ministry, training center that prepares students to be pastors, missionaries, teachers, and leaders in ministry as well as leaders in life. Help us invest in future world changers by sponsoring a student financially.

Financial Partner

Be a monthly ministry supporter

We rely on your financial support to do what God has called us to do in reaching Central Mexico for Christ. The seed you sow goes to support our church plant, our ministry training center, orphanage, our colonia outreach ministries, and our social service projects and programs in some of the most impoverished areas of the city. Give a one time donation or sign up to be a monthly partner.